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Behind the "Figarden Loop"
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A Work of Art is different from other weight training studios in the Fresno area. We proudly have a licensed nutritionist on staff who understands that food makes or breaks everyone's health. A solid nutrition program is crucial for enhancing your overall health.

Did you know that nutrition keeps your mind strong by nourishing your brain? Your nutritionist knows this. A nourished brain stimulates concentration, focus, clarity, reasoning, and enhances your overall attitude towards life. Having a good outlook towards life reduces stress and other negative emotions, like hopelessness, low self-esteem, depression, confusion, and despair.

Proper nutrition consists of eating foods from all basic food groups. This includes fruits, nuts, vegetables, meats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Your nutritionist will work with you on an individualized basis to determine which foods you like, dislike, or are neutral about. These foods will be incorporated into your customized meal plan. Feel free to ask questions. We firmly believe that a well-informed customer is crucial for everyone's success.

Some customers prefer supplementing their weight training or cardio program with high protein, nutrient-rich drinks. This is ideal after any type of workout. Protein is known for rebuilding and nourishing muscles. We have a number of suggestions and or recommendations on health drinks/ protein drinks.

Perhaps your medical care provider referred you to our nutritionist. This happens quite often. Our nutritionist has developed a reputation for excellence in the Fresno area. You may be a cardiovascular or kidney patient who has strict food restrictions such as low sodium and or sugars. Many patients here have food sensitivities and or allergies...

Our personally developed information is included to you which involves several printed out pages containing BREAKFAST-LUNCH & DINNER suggestions that will not only help you maximize muscle growth and lose the unwanted fat but , raise your energy levels and help keep you healthy and fit... You will also be given pages of popular foods from meats-cheeses-vegetables-fruits-fast foods & even alcohol contents & how it works on our bodies systems...These pages were developed by myself & show the -FAT-CALORIC-PROTEIN and CARBOHYDRATE amounts in Grams and per serving... This makes it even easier to by foods that are rich in nutrition and vitamins.

We will further educate you on how to read the "Nutritional and Ingredient labels as well." Especially the additives that can & will break down the bodies systems and cause health related problems.. Remember , your Health is your ticket to life...

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Our nutritionist can develop a nourishing meal plan that keeps you well-balanced.