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A Work of Art has been helping customers in Fresno improve their cardiovascular health for years. Our experts have the insight needed to develop a customized cardio workout for everyone who steps through our doors.

Cardio is the fitness term given for cardiovascular exercise. It's known as aerobic exercise, fat burning, and muscle building. It plays a key role in weight loss, extending longevity, and improving the health of every system in your body. Weight tanning is known as an anaerobic exercise resulting in muscle growth.

Personal training is the perfect way to develop a cardio workout for beginners. Even if you have a reputation for being a couch potato, you can benefit. Our fitness experts will incorporate some easy level, low-time cardio exercises that'll get you moving without overexerting yourself.

Don't be surprised if walking on a treadmill or walking and biking are prescribed by your personal trainer. With the speed set at the lowest level, you'll start slow, perhaps only walking five minutes. As your strength and endurance increase, your personal trainer will increase your duration and intensity.

Always feel free to communicate any concerns you have when involved in a cardio program. Your fitness trainer isn't a mind reader. Say something as soon as you experience pains or discomfort.

Remember the signs of overexertion. The symptons include: rapid heartbeat, inability to converse, double vision, blurred vision, lightheadedness, dizziness, and clammy palms. Stop immediately when you experience any of these symptoms.

A good cardio workout program will incorporate a number of cardio exercises. It can include walking the track, swimming, water aerobics, treadmills, ellipticals, biking and other activities recommended by your personal trainer. Being able to alternate exercises reduces boredom, sparks interest, and improves the likelihood you will stick with your workout program.